Where are your floor plans?

We currently have floorplans on our website and we have a link to multiple floorplans designed by one of our partner architects.

What size homes do you build?

We currently start at around 2700 sf and go up to approx. 10,000 sf.

What is your price per square foot?

Price per sf varies depending on build location, site conditions, selections and so on, we are happy to discuss this with you over the phone or on a zoom call.

What is value engineering?

Value engineering is the process in which we can look at a set of plans and decide what needs to changed, paired down or done in a different manner, in order to achieve a better cost basis.

In what areas do you build?

We build in the Greenville area, Lake Keowee area and Asheville area.

Do I need to hire an architect or plan designer first?

We like to work in a design-build capacity, where we work with the owner and the architect to achieve the look and feel of your home while keeping to a budget range previously discussed. We have found this is the best way to get quality home built at a fair cost.

Do we need to hire an interior designer?

Yes, we think you should work with an interior designer and for most of our clients we require it. We can provide you with designers if you do not have one but with nearly 1000 decisions to be made on a new home the input of a design professional is crucial.

Do you have an in-house design center?

We do not have an in-house design center, we are a true custom builder and there are too many design options to choose from to have our own design center. We have teamed up with our suppliers and designers to accommodate the breadth of selections as well as what is popular and trending.

Do you have a standard features list?

We are a custom builder and will build and install anything the client would like. Our standard features would be set in the specifications of the home being build.

Should I get multiple proposals from different builders?

We feel as though you should interview at least 3 builders and choose your builder based on the compatibility and comfort level you have during the interview process. Building a custom home is a collaboration and the owner and builder need to be of like understanding. This will create a much better project and overall experience.

How long does it take to build a home?

Typically about a 12-14 months for 5000 sf or less

Who will be my main point of contact during construction?

You will have a Project manager, and operations manager, and interior designer. We will work as a team and you can contact anyone of these people during your build.

Do you offer free quotes?

We do not charge to quote projects.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?

We have a 7 step program that is listed on our website, this would provide a more comprehensive answer.

How can I give my space a new look without completely remodeling it?

Painting would be the easiest way to change the look without remodeling. We have done countless cabinet painting jobs and remodels. Also new lighting and plumbing fixtures go a long way along with countertops. All of this can be done relatively easily.

How long will my remodel/renovation take?

This would vary by project.

Can you help with the design phase of my project?

We are full a design/build custom home builder, we can accommodate your design needs both in architectural and interior design capacities.