Our Seven Step Plan

In building our past homes, we have developed a basic 7 step plan that explains the building process for current Evergreen Custom Home property owners. We feel that this plan is a good starting point and gives a good overview of what to expect when building a home with Evergreen Custom Construction.


We meet with you on your lot or at your property to discuss all the options your land and topography will allow regarding your home. We will ask about your needs and wants for your new home and incorporate those into our construction database. If you have not chosen a floorplan, we would be glad to help you with that process as well.


We will have several communications with you regarding the items we spoke about in our first meeting to narrow down the details and to make sure you are getting everything you want in your new home. This will also help develop a comfort level between us. This process can take 1 week or 3 months, but it is the most important process in regards to building your perfect home. (We would also ask to have a topo of your lot done by the end of this step, if not completed already.)


After we have a final floorplan, we will detail the process of building your home and discuss timeframe and cost.


After we have come to our final conclusions on all the details of your home, we will put together your ARB package. This also means that you will be meeting with one of our 2 designers to start the process of selecting the amenities for your home. After we pass ARB we can begin building your dream home!


Once we begin the building process, we will be in constant communication with you regarding the status of your new home. We can put photos of your house on our new website (with your permission) so you can view the progress. We are used to building for long distance clients and we feel we have developed a process to make this as easy as possible.


Once your house is complete and we have completed your final punch list, we will hand over the keys and the warranties. We will go over our customer service plan and then you are free to enjoy your new home! But wait we are not quite done.

After you have moved into your home, we will schedule another walk through with the painter and any other tradesmen we may need. We will correct any paint issues and address and punchlist items you may come across. We will then contact you in 11 months for our final interview and you will have then completed your 1-year warranty.